Terms of Service

Oriental Casino™  is a legitimate and completely legal internet gaming provider. Customers who would want to participate in the games of our company should follow the applicable laws and regulations of their country or area of residence. In case of any doub, please seek legal assistance on the related issues.

  1. This website is only available for guests who meet the legal required age of their country of residence. The guests should know the age restrictions as not to violate age limit requirements.
  2. Oriental Casino™ shall not be liable in any breach of local laws and regulations done by the guest.
  3. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that their username and password will not be taken and should not allow any third party to use his or her account.
  4. In the event that the customers encounter a problem with the service, stop the service immediately and contact your agent to address these concerns to our customer service department. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the customer understands and accepts that problems may occur. Oriental Casino™ is entitled to follow up on the problem with or without any explanation.
  5. Oriental Casino™ will ensure that the service connection remains stable. Instability due to network concerns may arise at any time and the guest accepts that these problems occur. Oriental Casino™ will not accept any complains on network connectivity problems.
  6. In the event of unsuccessful betting and other issues that occur, it may be caused by various factors and the results will be sent to Oriental Casino™ database and the customers may not dissent.
  7. If unfrtunate disasters or man-made intrusions occur that leads to site failure, data loss, data corruption etc. Oriental Casino™ will post the information on the site. For Oriental Casino™ to keep record and to address the concerns of the customer, please retain, print and send the betting information
  8. If there are anomalies in betting, Oriental Casino™ reserves the right to determine the cause and invalidate the bets.

Infractions due to human error such as :

  • Wrong card distribution
  • Incorrect input and display of results ( this may occur when two or more cards have been distributed wrongly )

If these instances occur, Oriental Casino™ shall uphold the game rules and input the correct game result. The end result will be changed to the correct game result presented.

*All customers that participate in all the services provided by our software are deemed that they comply with the legal age requirements, accepts and fully understands the terms and conditions.

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